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“Sheila is some magical cross between a screenplay whisperer, story shrink, and all around dramaturgical guru.  I would never make anything I didn’t have her take a long hard… and dare I say unflinching… look at first.  You come out of the process feeling either clear and enlightened about your material… or at least with a very strong trajectory on how and where to look for the path to that enlightenment!  

I often will bring her on as a bridge between writer and director… and a support to the screenwriters whom I work with and love.  The inevitably thank me and… as opposed to feeling big-footed… they feel strongly supported because Sheila ‘speaks screenplay’!

Count yourself lucky if you get to work with her.”

Tanya Wexler, director, HYSTERIA

“Sheila’s notes are not for the faint of heart, but if you want to know the cold, hard truth, there’s nobody better. And, once you’ve recovered, she’s not just problem-oriented, she’s willing to spend time helping you develop real solutions.”

~Jonah Lisa and Stephen Dyer, writers of  HYSTERIA , and AWAY AND BACK.

“Thank you again! This is fantastic. I can’t wait to sit down and get back to writing, which is always the best sign of a great consultation. You are a genius. So grateful to be able to work with you!”
-Mark Nelson, Semi-Finalist Academy Nicholl Fellowship, 2016

“I can’t tell you how much your input on the screenplay (especially, the phone consultations) meant to me.
It’s getting great reviews…”    ~Andrew Librizzi, writer/director BEYOND THE FURTHEST STAR, 2013.

“Thank you for your hard work and expertise. You have incomparable editorial skills.”

~David Chisholm (veteran writer who most recently wrote Brothers in Arms, a World War II epic
with Denzel Washington is slated to direct, and is currently working on a feature for Craig Anderson Prods.)

“I have been developing stories for twenty years and have read thousands of pages of notes… but I have never encountered anyone with Sheila’s clarity and articulateness. She is responsible for the purchase and development of one of our tentpole projects for next year. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

~Bonnie Forbes, Producer, Fortress Entertainment

“I sent one of my early scripts to Sheila, and found her notes to be very helpful and insightful, and clearly coming from an experienced industry perspective. Her notes were frank but also constructive; I would recommend her highly.”

~Tom O’Connor, winner, 2004 Austin Film Festival, repped by UTA

“I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for doing such a thorough, and excellent job with my script. I sent it to two different places for coverage, and one was a total waste of money, but not yours!! All of your comments were on the nose, and I will be working feverishly on incorporating them into my story.”

~Mark Conley

“I just finished reading your letter and notes. All I can say is you are awesome! I’ve sent my work before to other coverage services, but by far yours is the best. As a matter of fact I think I’ll send my rewrite your way again. I am also grateful that you’re so responsive through email. You’re a real class act and a contradiction of what I’ve heard from other writers about their contact with Hollywood.”

~Eric Espejo

“I see why William Broyles Jr. gives you so much praise. Your observations are spot on and they enhance my screenplay. Not only will your notes serve to clarify story and character, they added another dimension… a puzzle and the act of putting the pieces together.”

~David Wallace

“Thank you, Sheila… for slogging through the confusion… for all your comments and criticisms… Your service gets my highest recommendation.”

~Dan Neves

“I am highly impressed by your comments. They are amazingly sharp and truthful. I’m learning so much just by reading them again and again. You are so great at what you’re doing. Thank you for taking my work!”

~Blanka Raguz

“Sheila Gallien is a true asset to any screenwriter. Instead of trying to get you to write the script she’d like to see, she works hard to zero in on the script you had in mind all along but couldn’t quite reach.”

~Grace Randolph

“I consider Sheila to be the fifth member of my writing group. When my local group’s gone over a script and we all think it’s ready for people to see, I send it to Sheila, wait for her comments, and then start on the draft I’ll actually send out.”

~Kevin Rexroat

“What I love about you is that you do exactly what you say you’re going to do, and when you say you’re going to do it. As a writer, I get very twitchy if I send something off and then hear nothing for ages. Working with you avoids that dreadful tussle – ‘Now shall I e-mail again, or would that make me appear too desperate?’ and all those other games I play. And yes, I had to gulp a few times when I got your notes, but you have a remarkable capacity for completely taking apart my work line by line – word by word almost – and STILL leaving me feeling encouraged. The constructive advice you gave is a model for all my writing not just the screenplay I sent in the first place, because you are so unerringly, and sometimes so sickeningly, RIGHT about things.”

~Caroline Coxon

“You are so talented at your craft! Your brutal honesty about my screenplay will help me become a better writer. Writers should be objective about any criticism of their work and not take it personally. Also, your fee was a good value. You did much more work than I expected. Thanks again for your professionalism.”

~Corey Dean Schmidt, President, Tri-Coastal Enterprises, Inc. and Dean of Kids, Inc.

“I am working on the revisions right now and I have to say… that your notes opened my eyes to see the forest I was traversing.”

~Merwan Sukhadwalla

“OH MY GOD you are so brilliant. I could not believe the notes. Some of the problems I already knew but not the depth of the problem. I thought it was all constructive criticism and extremely helpful.”

~Angie Miller

“Giving writers helpful, insightful notes… without totally shattering their sense of motivation and self worth is a nearly impossible feat. Sheila digs beneath the mere surface problem and really prods to get to the meat and detail of the work and the individual’s technique. She has a kind of genius for this sometimes odious task; her approach is fun, thoughtful, and worth every nickel!”

~Samantha Moller

“I began working with Sheila as a beginning screenwriter and found her straight forward and encouraging approach to script coaching instrumental in my persevering at this hard to break in field. Sheila’s ability to identify weak spots as well as her practical suggestions for strengthening my scripts have opened doors to me having agents and managers request to see more of my work. I’d never consider sending out any spec without her bullet proofing it first.”

~Paula Holland

“Dozens of people read and commented on my script, and I revised it dozens of times, before Sheila Gallien read it. So I was surprised that she found many spots that needed more clarity or development. These spots seem obvious now, but they were not obvious to me or any of the other readers. Sheila also suggested excellent solutions to several problems. One in particular still surprises me. I disagreed with a few of her notes, but I am grateful for all of them. She was thorough, knowledgeable, and tactful. I plan to employ her talents again.”

~Peter Arneson

“Your feedback on my screenplay THREE HEARTS was invaluable. Not only did you highlight positive strengths and potential weaknesses… you came to the table with detailed notes and viable potential fixes. As I’d explained to you, the draft had been developed to the point where feedback was inconsistent, and often not supportive of my vision of the story. Your grasp of what that story was illustrated the care and intention you bring to the table. Of course, I would expect no less from someone who honed her skills working with Bill Broyles.”

~Gregg Moscoe

“Using Sheila’s amazing notes and in-depth consultation, I rewrote THE BAR extensively. The revamped script finished among the top 30 scripts in the Nicholls Fellowship, which resulted in numerous requests for the script from prodcos and agents, opening doors I had never imagined possible.”

~Larry Hill

“Awesome notes! I’m going to put on a fire, read, and do some homework. Thanks so much.”

~Jan Smith

“Sheila Gallien is just what the doctor ordered! Her detailed notes and perceptive insight brought a light of inspiration to my script. For the first time I was able to see and understand what my story was missing. I discovered how to pull my own ideas and combine them with Sheila’s advice to work a good concept into a great script. The return on my investment will far outweigh my cost…better than investing in the stock market! No doubt about it – from this point on I look forward to her advice on all my scripts.”

~Alison Kirby

“Got your stuff on my stuff – WOW! – did you ever read this thing! I’m looking forward to our conference. Thanks ahead of time.”

~Jim Ramsbottom, 11/03

“Once again, thank you very much for your great help with my latest screenplay. Your attention to story detail is invaluable. You are easy to talk to, brutally honest and very skilled. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.”

~Roger Fallihee

Sheila Gallien Screenplay Consulting

Sheila Gallien has worked on some of the decade’s top-grossing films, and developed stories and screenplays with A-list talent across the board. She can help ready your script for the professional arena.

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