“Finally, a screenwriting book that can actually take my skills to the next level. If you are ready to move past Screenwriting 101 into the land of understanding what separates a screenplay from a sell-able script, ‘So Your Mama…’ is your mama. Hands down the best advanced scriptwriting book I’ve ever read—and I’ve read them all!”

~Fran Harris, film/television producer, broadcaster, speaker, and entrepreneur, is author of six books including ‘Crashing Hollywood: How To Keep Your Integrity Up, Your Clothes On & Still Make It In Hollywood.’

“Sheila’s book reminds us that screenwriting is more than just a ‘craft’—or an exercise in enjoining a computer program—that it is the vision of a drama (small or great) that must be shaped and reshaped until it satisfies its greatest test… to move us. Working with Sheila is about searching for the heart and the soul of a script, and remembering why we love movies.”

~David Chisholm, veteran writer currently writing features for acclaimed Warner Bros. producers

“In chapters that delve into structure, character development, exposition, description and dialogue, Gallien offers sensible advice for making your screenplay more focused, more compelling, and more professional. She uses examples from recent movies to illustrate her points on subjects like constructing story points that are connected without being contrived and creating an original, interesting protagonist. Throughout the book, her ideas are fresh and thoughtful and presented in a light, conversational tone that makes it a fun, easy read.”

~Melissa Prusi,

“Gallien speaks directly to the reader as confidante and coach, distilling her many years of high-level experience working on scripts not only being developed, but scripts being made into big-time Hollywood movies. Her insights are invaluable in helping you craft your work-of-art into a salable script.”

~Pamela Jaye Smith, MYTHWORKS™, mythologist, writer, consultant and award-winning producer/director,
author of the highly acclaimed, ‘INNER DRIVES: How To Write Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation’

“I love the simplicity and no nonsense way you present the facts of life. I especially like that you define a problem, explain why it’s a problem, and show what needs to happen to correct it. I’ve read a lot of screenwriting authors including Bob McKee, Linda Seger, Michael Hauge, Syd Field, Lew Hunter, Linda Cowgill, Susan Kouguell, Lajoes Egri and Aristotle.
I’ve read a zillion articles and been in dozens of workshops, on-line and in person. I wish I could’ve read your book first. It would’ve saved me a lot of learning curve.”

~Robb Auspitz

“I do believe your book has shown true genius in simplifying an almost impossibly complex world… and given a real working analysis for the serious screenwriter.”

~Scout Riley

“I bought it today and I am loving it. I’m working on three completely different projects, all hard as hell…
and am finding sweet notes of clarity in your book.”

~Jan Smith

“If you are serious about success, and honest with yourself, it will be impossible to dismiss Sheila’s book as just another dusty tome full of screenwriting platitudes and theory. From page one you’ll know that Sheila’s addressing real, intuitive,
practical issues that directly relate not only to your story, but to your script’s marketability. You will address these issues at some point in your career—and I would much rather learn about them from Sheila now,
than from the 15th executive who just passed on my script.”

~Larry F. Hill

“Your book is written with astonishing clarity.”

~Jim Cornelius

“I think the crowning achievement of your book is how condensed it is. You touch on many things and even though the book is short I don’t feel as though you only gave cursory attention to any of the topics. Your analysis of a topic is thorough, concise and entertaining. I’ve read it twice already and yet I still think it will take several more passes before I have grasped all it has to offer and I will continue to refer to it through the writing of my script.”

~Anthony Jackson

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