Coaching for Writers

8-1-2017 Aloha! My focus has shifted from screenwriting to a more personal/spiritual journey. If you would like to know more, please visit or find me on Facebook as Sheila Gallien. Happy writing!


The coaching process is for writers who have a burning desire, and am emerging vision of their work, but have not been able to bring that vision fully to the page.

While there is no replacement for the simple act of, as Dorothy Parker is credited for saying, “applying the butt to the seat,” many of us need support, insight, and structure to bridge that gap between the mundane and the creative life.

Every writer I work with has a job, a family, a relationship, a condition, that keeps them from getting their work done.

I work with you to create a personalized, practical program to engineer writing into your life.

I often find that the obstacles we place in front of us tell a story. The answer might be as simple as giving time to yourself. Or the isolation of the process might be too overwhelming, and having someone who “speaks writer” to process the story with can help you break through the roadblocks. Sometimes, the blocks themselves are a gift, an indication that you have not found your voice, our your story has not found its heart.

I schedule a complimentary, 45-minute discovery session, to learn more about your project, your goals, and your process. If we agree to work together, we begin with a one-month commitment. At the end of one month, we re-assess your goals and the success of our collaboration, and can design a longer program.

Coaching fees begin at $300/month for an initial 90-minute session to clarify your vision and set your goals, 3 additional 50-minute sessions, email support, and accountability as agreed upon.

Please email me at, or text or call 808-987-5535 to set up an discovery session.




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